What Motivates You?

Let’s face it, the past few years have been rough on American business. Employees fretted over job security and dwindling retirement accounts. It seemed for a while the entire nation suffered a Conan O’Brien syndrome.


While a steady paycheck is an incentive, wouldn’t it be nice to turn away from those dark days and start with fresh motivation this year? At Rocca, our team can help you craft an employee recognition program that works with your budget while maximizing enthusiasm and loyalty. We work with you in designing product tiers and themes, creating statements about your office culture instead of, “stuff I got from work.”


Have an office full of outdoor enthusiasts? We can cover everything from engraved rods and tackle boxes to customized canoes. (Wouldn’t that surprise a family if Mom drove home with a canoe on the car?)


Want to express your appreciation for employees’ work-life balance? Look into a range of home products from espresso machines to Kitchen Aid mixers that tell them you realize they have a life outside the office.


Need a sales incentive? Instead of just a vacation reward, send them off with customized luggage to remind them they are part of a team, no matter where they go.


In recent years, studies show employees not only note the items they receive from incentive programs, but the message it sends. With your Rocca team, you can present clever extensions of your brand, not items for the junk drawer.


We bet they only offered poor Conan a toaster. They should have called Rocca!


Rocca Productions – Bold Your Reputation.