Does it Really Work?

What Not to Give

Ever been to a trade show where every booth handed out the same promo product? Not only are attendees less inclined to keep your giveaway but your company is automatically perceived as thoughtless and boring!


Over 40 million Americans attend a convention, trade show or conference each year. The exposure to your brand can be explosive if done right. Punch up your presence by ruling out these five giveaways.



Everyone does pens! And most end up in the trash. But if you insist on a pen, then make it cool and worth keeping. Perhaps one with a stylus, screwdriver, USB or even all three.


Stress Balls

So 1993! Try a different form of stress relief with a back scratcher or hand held massager. Attendees will be singing your praises after a long day on their feet.


Key Chains

Let’s be honest, no one wants to attach your logo to their key ring. It’s too personal and they aren’t even a client yet! Useful giveaways like car chargers are kept by 77% of consumers. Talk about staying power!



Expensive and short-lived. Don’t get us wrong, branded cookies and chocolates are delicious but attendees will forget about your brand faster than their sugar high. Try branded gum or mints instead. Everyone needs fresh breath and a pack can last up to a month.



Don’t you dare think about not having giveaways at your booth! If attendees don’t need your services now, you want them to remember you when they do. Promotional giveaways guarantee over 85% of attendees will recall your company’s name and your message up to a year!

The key to a successful trade show is your memorable factor rating. You want attendees to remember your brand long after they leave and a smart giveaway unlocks the door to a memorable strategy.