What’s in a Name? Tips for Event Name Tags and Lanyards

Name tags and lanyards are the smallest items with the greatest role when planning events and tradeshows. Whether you’re hosting a reception for 50 or a convention of 50,000, here are some guidelines for strategically assisting those essential event introductions.


Work Those Name Tags!

Here’s the basic rule for name tags: they don’t work if people don’t wear them! Most event attendees expect and welcome name badges – it makes their networking easier. However, too often name tags become last-minute necessities. Have you ever attended an event where flipping lanyards made created an atmosphere of mystery attendees? Encountered a name tag that damaged fabric, or simply wouldn’t stay put? These small inconveniences confine networking but can also sour overall perceptions of events. You don’t need to break the bank on lanyards and name tags, but don’t purchase on the cheap and live to regret it either.


VIPs Deserve Very Important Personalization
If you have board members, honorees or donors that really have status, make it show. Not everyone must have the same name badge. This is a time when creativity pays off and pays big dividends for networkers. For the Texas Medal of Arts Award, Rocca knew we needed something special to recognize many notable guests. We created special miniature medals so that everyone could easily recognize guest of importance.


Provide That Networking Assist

You’re looking to make connections at events. Shouldn’t they be easy to find? Vertical stacks of color-coded ribbon easily identify groups, such as speakers, media or participants of certain skills or expertise. This makes it much easier for guests to spot their key contacts. It’s also a great area to incorporate ice-breaking activities, such as name tag scavenger hunts. Avoid the temptation of stick-on symbols. Your participants may not be at the event long enough to learn the system and the loaded down badges make tags hard to read.


Let’s Make This Clear

Speaking of crowded name tags, make sure information is large enough. No one likes the embarrassing situation of staring a moment too long at someone’s tag simply to clarify if they are a C.E.O. or C.M.O. This is also not the right place to get fashionable with color. Save your branding for other areas and stick to bold black type on white backgrounds for all name tags.

Finally, while we love creativity, don’t let your inspiration result in frustration with lanyard pins or gimmicks that distract or annoy every time someone stands up or shakes hands. Your guests will thank you.


Name tags and lanyards may not be the stars of your convention or event, but they can quickly turn into ruthless villains if you don’t plan carefully. Talk to the experts at Rocca about practical yet innovative designs that always result in the best impressions.