Wonder Woman – All The World is Waiting For You!

Even without that cool invisible plane, Wonder Woman contemporaries surround us each day maneuvering through life and making our world a better place – across the conference table, on the jogging trail, or down the block. We’ve heard stories of amazing women overcoming incredible challenges since posting about Rocca’s commitment to fighting breast cancer. We work with incredible vendors and artisans who turned passions into thriving companies and who, along with Rocca Productions, make up the 8.1 million U.S. female-owned businesses. Everywhere you turn, there’s a story of an outstanding woman.


We’re inspired by stories of these modern-day Wonder Women, and want to hear more! Share on our Facebook wall about an extraordinary woman who inspires you. The subject of the story with the most likes by noon CDT on Friday, October 21 will receive a beautiful bouquet (delivered on your behalf) and a gorgeous 16-inch “Grayce Statement” necklace from Kendra Scott – a dynamic, creative Wonder Woman in her own right!


So help Rocca spread the appreciation and encouragement. Post your story of a woman overcoming odds, giving of herself, or astonishing in unconventional ways. If they can give us a lead on where to purchase those fantastic golden lassos, even better!


Rocca Productions – Bold Your Reputation.