Come Together

Challenge: A nationwide employer struggled with how to distribute branded products to their team. As a result, individual offices were often ordering their own products, which led to diminished buying power, repetitive spending and items that did not fall in-line with brand and logo guidelines.


Key Factor: Because offices rarely needed the same items at the same times, flexibility was important.


Solution: Rocca created an online company store allowing offices to order approved branded products when they needed them – 24/7 – from partner suppliers already prepared with all product and brand specifications. The company was able to deliver goods with greater efficiency as the offices controlled their needed quantity, sizes and frequency of replacement. In addition, the central office no longer needed to maintain an inventory, which took up space but escaped the thoughts of employees throughout the country. The system also offered the ability to track the popularity of items, which led to smarter merchandise decisions company-wide.


FFE Online Store