One piece gift box with gray newsboard interior. Folding design allows box to lay flat for easy storage. Available in nine larger sizes.
*Price does not include possible artwork fees.

Price: As low as $0.43
Color: Black Gloss, Black Matte, Burgundy Gloss, Burgundy Matte, Celery Matte, Chocolate Matte, Dark Green Gloss, Dark Green Matte, Ivory Gloss, Ivory Matte, Khaki Matte, Lime Matte, Metallic Blue Matte, Metallic Bronze Gloss, Metallic Copper Matte, Metallic Gold Matte, Metallic Sage Gloss, Metallic Sage Matte, Metallic Silver Matte, Navy Gloss, Navy Matte, Olive Matte, Orange Matte, Peach Matte, Pink Matte, Powder Blue Matte, Purple Matte, Red Gloss, Red Matte, Sand Matte, Teal Matte, Yellow Matte
Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 2"
Material: Cardboard